How to Follow


Check out this video by Pastor Tadd as he explains what it means to choose to follow Jesus with your life!


If you have chosen to follow Jesus, it is the best decision that you could ever make. Help us join in on the celebration by clicking the button below!


How to read the Bible

Bible Reading Plan Coming Soon!


How to Pray


Check out this message for Pastor Tadd from our teaching series, Wildfires. In this message, Pastor Tadd breaks down what prayer is and how to pray.


Prayer is simply talking to God, just like you would to a friend. A simple acronym to follow is P.R.A.Y. which follows the model given in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew chapter six:


Praise – Look around and thank God for all that He is and has provided.

Repent – This means confessing what you have done wrong (don’t worry, God will pop this into your head), and then asking for His help to not do it again.

Ask – God says we can bring all things to Him, large and small.

Yield – This is time to let go of what you think and listen to what God wants!


Join a Grow Group

Join a Grow Group.jpg

At Hope Church, meeting together with others in small groups are our strategy to help you Grow with Jesus, to live in the freedom that God intended for us. We call these groups, Grow Groups.

When you engage in community, you have the opportunity to experience the freedom that Jesus came to give you and you are empowered to help others experience the same.