At Hope Church, we believe loving God and loving others is simply, Living for Jesus. It is accomplished through five strategies - Partner, Serve, Give, Share, and Lead.


  • COMMIT TO FOLLOW JESUS. This means you affirm that you are indeed a Christian who desires to follow Jesus and you’ve been baptized. It also means you are committing to personally pursuing your connection with Jesus, both privately and corporately, and you are in agreement with our vision and Statement of Beliefs (this can be found is in the Appendix).

  • COMMIT TO GROW WITH JESUS. You are affirming you will regularly participate and actively engage in a Grow Group in order to grow to become more like Jesus.

  • COMMIT TO LIVE FOR JESUS. This means that you will consistently serve in the church on our volunteer team, working with others to build up the body of Christ. It also means you will support the church with your financial resources. Finally, when you live for Jesus, you will help others take all of these same steps - Follow, Grow, and Live.

2. Serve

Your S.H.A.P.E.

  • Spiritual Gifts - We all have natural abilities that we’ve learned and improved in, regardless of the Christian faith. A Spiritual Gift is something that is empowered by the Holy Spirit that enhances any activity you are involved.

  • Heart - What activity at Hope Church excites you? Another word for heart is passion. What are the subjects or activities about which you feel passionate?  How can you help Hope Church best accomplish its vision? 

  • Abilities  - What are the natural talents you were born with? Our abilities come from God; how can you use your natural abilities to serve others at Hope Church so that the church as a whole can grow?

  • Personality - We need all personality types at Hope Church because everyone has something to contribute. Often the key to determine where God has called us to serve, is to better understand ourselves and what environments we thrive in. You can take a free assessment online at

  • Experience  - What experiences have you had, both positive and painful, that you could use to minister to others?

3. Give

The Bible is clear that we are to live a life of generosity; willingly giving to the church and to those in need. 

The reality is, God owns everything, He allows us to manage what He has given us, and He wants us to willingly give a portion of what He provides. This is not because God needs our money, rather, we give for our benefit and the benefit of the church body.

4. Share

Living for Jesus means you are running after Jesus, intentionally building relationships with those who don’t know Him or who are less mature than you, and helping them to take these next steps!

  • SHARE YOUR STORY - You likely have lots of stories to tell that your friends can relate to and that God can use to help them take a small step toward a relationship with Jesus!

  • SHARE THE GOSPEL - every believer in Jesus should be able to explain the Gospel message and then practice it so you are always ready!

  • INVITE PEOPLE TO HOPE CHURCH and encourage them to go through Next Steps with you!

5. Lead

In all the ministries at Hope Church, everyone’s first step is to become a Team Member where we all grow in character, becoming more like Christ. As a Team Member, you will be exposed to the roles which are a part of our intentional leadership development process called Leadership Steps.